LOTR: The Beginner

War, crazy creatures, lords, kings, hobbits, elves, dwarfs 

I found myself downloading the 2001 movie of The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring on my PC as my sister told me to do so. I was like, “Meh, seriously? It’s an old movie and nobody talks about it anymore except in social media memes.”. I also helped her finding subtitles online for the funny native language they are saying in some parts.

The first time I’ve seen an LOTR movie was way back 2003 and that was The Two Towers. So, I was six-years old back then. I was raised properly* so undeniably I didn’t get hooked by the violence, political issues and the insanely weird creature, orcs, which I can’t stomach until now. Moreover, The Two Towers is more of wars, sword fighting and love story. It’s a total hate for me.

Few weeks after the trilogy was downloaded on my PC, I am deciding if I’m going to give this movie a chance since it’s not my type of movie to watch before. And at last, I give the first movie a shot because I am a fan of Game of Thrones, I get addicted to it and I realized LOTR and GoT has the same genre or “feels”. I also think that architecture school helped me to be flexible and experience different forms of art. So, I clear off the table and set my perception of the movie to zero.

For the first two movies, 80% WOAH! and 20% WHAT?. TFOTR is more on ‘talks’ and introduction which is fine because it is somehow detailed and well plotted. It was like a long journey then, CUT! While the Two Towers was great. The war scene is impeccable and everything was executed perfectly.Although, a warning, it has love story which I still hate.

It was funny and amazing. Amazing in a way that the trilogy is bounded and meant for one story line and divided into three. Let me explain, the modern and present n-ology like, The Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner, etc., have a definite ending for each movie they release. They also have different storyline for each movies so, it will create difference and comparison which part is worst or best. While The Lord of the Rings installment is supposedly a one story. It has great-great cliffhangers specially the ending of Fellowship of the Ring. It will leave you: “THAT WAS THE END? NO WAY!”.

So, 14 years after the release of the Two Towers, I am a fan and looking forward to watch the remaining movie, also the prequels and the read the books.


I could also see the influence of LOTR to Harry Potter although different approach. (I might write about Harry Potter soon)

PS I’m a fan of all movies I’ve mentioned above. No hate

aaaand, what do you call to fans of The Lord of the Rings?


Author: Noah

I am an architecture student from the Philippines.

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